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Yogosha partners with security expert Buguard to promote its Crowdsourced Security Testing platform in Egypt, paving the way for bug bounty in the region.

After participating in the creation of the National Bug Bounty Program of the United Arab Emirates, Yogosha continues its mission to reduce digital risks in the Middle East with a strategic partnership in Egypt.

To develop its activity in Egypt, Yogosha partners with a local partner experienced in offensive security: Buguard. The strength of this specialized firm based in Las Vegas and Cairo is twofold: a total understanding of the challenges of crowdsourced security, and a thorough knowledge of the Egyptian market through its CTO Youssef Mohamed.

Bringing crowdsourced cybersecurity to the Egyptian market

In addition to Yogosha’s strategic interests, this partnership marks the introduction of bug bounty and crowdsourced security in Egypt.

Every year, crowdsourced cybersecurity becomes increasingly recognized as an essential model for global digital risk reduction. Nevertheless, its adoption on a global scale requires, above all, local awareness and support specific to each market.

This has been achieved in Egypt thanks to the partnership between Yogosha and Buguard. For the first time, the country’s companies and governmental organizations have a local interlocutor capable of responding to their specific needs and challenges.  

Buguard will accompany the Egyptian market towards the adoption of bug bounty programs, but also penetration testing as a service and vulnerability disclosure programs (VDP). With always the same purpose: Safer World. Better Business.

We are very proud to collaborate with Yogosha, and to contribute to accompany the Egyptian ecosystem towards ethical hacking. This will be done by offering, among other things, bug bounty solutions to reinforce traditional pentesting activities. 

– Youssef Mohamed, CTO Buguard

Buguard: an expert partner in vulnerability management

Through this partnership, Buguard inherits both business and support expertise. Security programs are always conducted by Yogosha and its private community of elite hackers. However, they will be managed by Buguard and its internal teams of offensive security experts – e.g. for triaging vulnerability reports.

Leverage the Egyptian ethical hacker community

Crowdsourced security is nothing without the people who make it: ethical hackers. By choosing Yogosha’s platform, Egyptian organizations are ensured of working with an elite community of international hunters.  

Our admission tests are among the most rigorous in the market, and only 20% of candidates join our community. Through this partnership, Yogosha hopes to mobilize the best hunters in Egypt and encourage them to join our ranks. After all, the effectiveness of crowdsourced security lies largely in the diversity of ethical hackers.

Our platform offers them a legal and secure framework for their ethical hacking activities, both on Egyptian and international perimeters. And for the first time in the country, security researchers will have a local point of contact with Buguard and its CTO, Youssef Mohamed. Youssef Mohamed is himself a renowned ethical hacker in Egypt, and will therefore be a key partner in developing the ethical hacking scene in the country – e.g. with Live Hacking Events organized by Buguard and Yogosha.

“We are delighted to enter the Egyptian cybersecurity market with such an experienced and knowledgeable local partner as Buguard. The goal is to contribute to the local cybersecurity ecosystem by motivating hackers to use their talent for good by securing businesses and government institutions. With Yogosha’s platform and growing community of elite hackers, and Buguard’s expertise, we are confident in achieving a more cyber secure Egyptian market.” 

– Oliver Quix, Yogosha Regional Director MENA

In a nutshell

This strategic partnership between Buguard and Yogosha has two primary objectives:

  • To secure Egyptian organizations and to raise awareness of crowdsourced security in this market. On the one hand through Buguard’s local expertise, and on the other hand through the excellence of Yogosha’s platform and its private community of elite hackers;
  • To make the ethical hacking scene flourish in Egypt. Thanks to Yogosha’s platform, which provides a legal and secure environment for hackers’ activities, but also through the upcoming events and conferences enabled by this partnership.