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Penetration testing: why and how to conduct a pentest

A penetration test identifies vulnerabilities by simulating an attack by hackers. Tools, types of pentests,…

SIGMA Rules: how to standardize detections for any SIEM

SIGMA rules are a great collaborative tool for SOC teams. They allow to standardize the…
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Veepee: behind the pink logo, a model of digital security

Veepee's CISO and Lead OffSec told us about the tight security of this e-commerce giant.…
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Yogosha and LOGON bring the VOC to Asia

Yogosha joins hands with LOGON Software, a cyber security solutions provider, to launch the Vulnerability…

Hunter Talks: meet Mohammed Aloraimi, aka ixSly

Mohammed Aloraimi, also known as ixSly, is a Cyber Team Leader from the UAE and…

Hunters Survival Game #2: Winners & Numbers (Infographic)

On September 1st, hackers of our Top 100 2022 were invited to compete for the…

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