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Integration Testing: Checking That an App Is Working Properly

In this article, you'll learn what integration testing is, and how to integrate it into…
Illustration of the Challenge of Scaling Security Testing

Cybersecurity: the Challenge of Scaling Security Testing

In this article, we'll first discuss the challenging issue of scaling security testing for modern…

Security Checklist by Yogosha: Standardized Pentests to Ensure Compliance

Launching a pentest with Yogosha is intended to be seamless, allowing for end-to-end, agile security…

Construction Industry: How to Cope with Increasing Cyber Risks?

What cyber threats is the construction industry facing? What are the challenges facing the construction…

Public Sector and Cybersecurity: Why Invest?

How much does a security policy cost the public sector? Does heavy investment really pay…

Software publishers: what costs and ROI for cybersecurity?

How much does a cybersecurity policy cost? Is the ROI sufficient? Above all, are software…

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