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Mazars: “We Need to Go Further Than Traditional Pentesting”

How do you bring cybersecurity into the accounting profession? Christophe Ballihaut is in charge of…

Bug Hunters: 4 Paths to Join the Yogosha Strike Force

Security researchers can now join the Yogosha Strike Force (YSF) via four selection paths: skills,…

DORA: A Guide to Security Testing for Regulated Entities

Speed up your DORA compliance with this four-chapter guide to security testing requirements for entities…

DORA and the Digital Operational Resilience Testing Program

Find out all there is to know about the digital operational resilience testing program, a…

DORA: The Challenge of Scaling Security Testing

Scaling security testing is a major challenge for DORA-regulated entities. Let's explore concrete solutions for…

DORA: Everything About Threat-Led Penetration Testing (TLPT)

Some entities regulated by DORA are required to carry out enhanced security tests, in the…

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