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What is Unit Testing: explanation, examples and methodology

In web development, Unit Testing plays a key role in guaranteeing the quality and reliability…
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leboncoin: “Bug Bounty is our commitment to the hacking community”

We spoke to Zakaria Rachid, CISO of leboncoin. He told us about the group's security,…

The financial industry and digital operational resilience

Digital operational resilience is a key issue for the financial sector, all the more so…

How to protect industrial institutions from cyber threats?

Connected industrial systems are prime targets for cyber attackers. What's at stake, and how can…

Software publishers: bet on Offensive Security

Software publishers are prime targets for cyber-attackers. Investing in Offensive Security can be a real…

Public sector: cyberthreats, challenges, and consequences

Public services are a prime target for cyber-attackers, and the number of incidents reported is…

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