Step up your game, meet your customers’ needs with our solutions.


  • System Integrators 
  • Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) 
  • SOC…

Leverage our SaaS platform to provide your customers with cutting-edge security services and improve yours.

  • Enlarge your portfolio with complementary solutions for your customers
  • Increase your growth, use bug bounty and pentest operations to reach more customers with new pull-through opportunities
  • Improve Customer Stickiness and ensure a healthy pipeline through a subscription and wallet-based model
  • Increase your security testing revenue by digitizing your pentest activities
  • Enhance your teams and streamline your workflows through our Vulnerability Operation Center
  • Deploy a new Red Team with the Yogosha Strike Force
  • Get support and training, access to sales and marketing materials…

Here is an example of how Yogosha can help. A key partner of ours was running 500 penetration tests a year, and couldn't handle any more because the existing processes were too tedious and time-consuming.
Now they rely on the Yogosha platform to digitize all their processes, from build to remediation. As a result, they are running more pentests, have improved delivery cycles and customer satisfaction, and are making more money. Isn't that what every company seeks?

Nicolas PerrodoChief Revenue Officer @Yogosha