VOC – Vulnerability Operations Center

A hub to detect, manage and fix vulnerabilities.
A platform to bring together all communities – CISOs, ethical hackers, dev and sec teams...
A battleground to run multiple security operations – VDP, penetration testing and bug bounty.
A command center to oversee all vulnerability management strategies.

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The right test at the right time.

Explore a range of flexible security testing solutions.
Choose the best one for each asset based on its maturity, your objectives and your budget.

Call on elite global hunters, close the skills gap.

Cybersecurity is a serious matter, so we only work with serious hunters.
The Yogosha Strike Force is a private and highly selective community of security researchers. Tap into a unique pool of talent with diverse skills to cover all scenarios.

Suitable for critical systems & infrastructures.

Sensitive industries and critical infrastructures have the highest security requirements. We have the highest standards.
Mobilize cleared hunters. Self-host your platform. Own your data. Build and lead your own Red Teams.
Do what others can’t.

DIY or Build, Run & Remediate with us.

Offensive security can be tough, and not everyone moves at the same speed.
You know your stuff? Harness our platform and on-demand solutions by yourself.
Need help crafting the perfect strategy? We’re here every step of the way.

One Platform To Secure Them All

Vulnerability Operations Center
Yogosha Vulnerability Operation Center

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