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Yogosha is a crowdsourced cybersecurity platform enabling a win-win collaboration with the most talented hackers to detect and fix vulnerabilities on your most critical systems. Choose your security strategy amongst Bug Bounty, crowdsourced Pentest or CVD, and interact with your selected hackers.

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Bug Bounty, CVD &
crowdsourced Pentest

Yogosha is a cybersecurity platform for CISOs willing to fully secure their applications by going beyond existing technologies. Yogosha only selects the most talented hackers to ensure that hidden vulnerabilities are quickly found and easily corrected. The platform enables you to build attack-proof applications, reduce risk, increase compliance and grow your business.

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Elite Hackers

We have created a drastic selection process to ensure you only work with the most talented hackers ; only 15% pass our technical and educational tests. Each hacker in the community is known, identified and has his reputation and tax status validated.

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More than 100 companies trust Yogosha

Since 2015, more than 100 companies have chosen to secure their systems and applications by collaborating with the best hackers on our platform. We have clients in many different sectors like finance, retail, industry and institutions ; and we partner with them on the long run from their first crowdsourced programs to complex 360 security strategies. In 2019, all the vulnerabilities identified on our platform had a theoretical cost for companies of 1 billion euros, if they had been exploited by black hats.

Bouygues Telecom is glad to work with Yogosha. Thanks to Yogosha’s hackers, selected for their high expertise and pedagogy, we have fixed several vulnerabilities. Moreover, the platform continuously evolves with customers feedbacks. Being close to our editor, and working with a reactive team such as Yogosha is also of great importance to us.
— Henri Favreau, CISO Bouygues Telecom
Bug Bounty's flexibility and fast activation helps us to save a lot of time to secure our digital activities : programs are launched in 1 or 2 days, when pentesting can take up to 4 weeks of planification delay. At Thales Digital Factory, we chose quality and hackers skills rather than quantity, and Yogosha perfectly fits into our Red Team process. The platform is a central security tool to ensure the external security level of our solutions. We will keep using traditional pentesting for ad-hoc missions and to challenge Bug Bounty results.
— Taoufik Fares, RedTeam Manager Thales Digital Factory
Collaborating with Yogosha’s hunters, whose technical excellence has been validated by the quality of the reports submitted, has been very enriching for our teams. The Yogosha experience has allowed the technical teams to gain both skills and maturity on the “security by design” challenges. We identified critical vulnerabilities which we wouldn’t have seen without Bug Bounty, and we were able to improve our internal processes. The next step with Yogosha is to intensify and industrialize the Bug Bounty approach at Zadig & Voltaire.
— Jonathan Ribas, CTO Zadig & Voltaire
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Yogosha has received many awards for its innovative platform and for contributing to a safer internet ; and it has been invited to participate to the leading cybersecurity associations.


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