Penetration Testing as a Service

A time and cost efficient way to meet compliance and assess digital security.

Why Pentest as a Service?

A penetration test is a time-bound simulated cyberattack performed on a system to assess its security.
The objective is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities that represent real risks, and to sort them by criticality in order to prioritize remediation actions.

Penetration testing is a proven effective method, but it can be improved. Technical audits by traditional pentest providers show their limits in the face of the increasing diversification of digital threats. They lack flexibility, cost effectiveness and firepower.

That’s where Pentest as a Service comes in.

It’s like the pentest you’re used to, but better.


A platform to digitize pentesting activities

  • Faster launch: Launch a pentest with Yogosha in a few days, instead of several weeks with other providers.
  • Real-time results: Vulnerabilities are reported as soon as they are identified, so that remediation can occur without delay. Never again wait until the end of an audit to discover your weaknesses.
  • Streamlined SDLC: Our platform integrates with your tools and environments so that pentest operations fit seamlessly into your workflows.
  • Simplified vulnerability management: Centralize and process vulnerability reports from the platform, and leverage analytics dashboards to monitor your asset security.


Multiplying researchers to diversify skills

  • A diversity of skills: The Yogosha Strike Force is a community of elite hackers, each with their own expertise and skill sets. This allows us to match the most suitable hunters to each operation and scope, where traditional pentest providers rely on smaller, less eclectic teams.
  • Methodology driven approach: OWASP, ISSAF, OSSTMM, PTES, NIST… Our pentesters follow the core methodologies that one would expect from such an audit.
  • Transparent communication with researchers: Interact with hunters directly from the platform. No unnecessary middlemen and no friction points = much more agile and efficient penetration tests.
  • Field training for your teams: In-house developers and blue teams can increase their skills through contact with hunters, e.g. by seeking advice on a remediation task.
  • Legal framework: You deal with Yogosha, we deal with our hunters. We provide a legal framework and take care of the administrative matters such as the payment of the pentesters.