Live Hacking Events

Live bug bounty challenges for conventions and corporate events.

What is a Live Hacking Event?

A live hacking event is an on-site bug bounty challenge, where ethical hackers and customer teams can meet for a few days over a Red vs Blue team setup. Hunters who uncover valid vulnerabilities get a reward, based on the criticality and rules of the event.


Where can a Live Hacking Event be organized?

Everywhere. We have already organized Live Hacking Events in Paris, Madrid, Dubai… We handle the logistics for the hackers, such as VISAs and travel accommodations. 


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Live hacking events for conventions & event organizers

What about a unique event within your event?

 – Live Hacking Event RootedCON 2022 – Madrid –

  • Increase your visibility
    Leverage your live hacking event to get big brands on board. Join forces to gain traction, strengthen communications and increase overall event visibility.
  • Strengthen your event’s image
    Affirm your image as an innovative and forward-looking event, with a real element of differentiation. Build up your reputation with your targets within the infosec community.

Live hacking events for organizations & sponsors

Considering sponsoring a Live Hacking Event or organizing your own? Here are some good reasons to take the plunge.

  • Teambuilding
    Choose a destination and take your teams to meet ethical hackers for a couple of days. Strengthen collaboration between security teams, developers and hunters.
  • Training
    Experience real-life training. Challenge your teams in a live setting, with a true Red Team vs. Blue Team philosophy. Hackers uncover vulnerabilities, your teams work on remediation.
  • Security
    The vulnerabilities identified in your scopes during the event constitute real risks. Kill two birds with one stone: stimulate your teams while strengthening your digital security.
  • Communication
    Be perceived as a modern and disruptive brand, ahead of the trends. Reinforce your employer brand by making the event a showcase to attract top talent.

 – Live Hacking Event GISEC 2022 – Dubaï –

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