Hacking + Skills = Welcome to the Yogosha Strike Force.

The emblem of the Yogosha Strike Force

Not just another crowd.

Prove your value, join the top dogs.

The real value of a collaborative security platform lies in its hacker community.

Hunters can hunt without platforms, but platforms can’t operate without hunters

And that’s a truth Yogosha has never forgotten.

We demand excellence from our hunters, but we deliver excellence in return.

Only 20% of applicants

join Yogosha Strike Force

Most bug bounty platforms open their doors to all security researchers, beginners and experts alike.

This is a good thing, as every hunter should have the opportunity to train and progress.
At least before joining us.

Only the best ethical hackers join Yogosha Strike Force.

Our application tests are tough, and only 20% of candidates join our community.
This is the guarantee of our quality, for both our customers and our hunters.

Why join the Yogosha Strike Force?

The emblem of the Yogosha Strike Force


Join a private community of elite hunters from all around the world.

Better return on investment

Fewer bug hunters means less competition and less risk of duplicate reports.

Exclusive scopes and programs

All programs on our platform are private, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

Bug Bounty & Pentest

We offer private bug bounty programs, crowdsourced penetration testing and VDPs. Pentests are paid by the day and are not incentive-based like bug bounties. Please note that pentest operations and live hacking events are not open to everyone, but only to our most trusted hunters.


We keep our community restricted

… so that every hunter has the opportunity to participate in invitation-only programs. It’s not necessary to build a reputation to be invited to these programs. The mere fact that a hunter has made it into the Yogosha Strike Force is proof of their talent.

Increase your skills

Take advantage of our partnership with Hack The Box, access our Live Hacking Events and be invited to join the Slack Yogosha to exchange daily with other elite hunters.

Hunt with a platform that listens to its community

Yogosha could not function without its hunters, and no community member is a number lost in the crowd. Also, you will always find an attentive ear in case of need.


What are the trials to join the Yogosha Strike Force?

Our selection process is based on a series of tests developed by our teams.

These exams assess candidates’ technical skills through advanced hacking tests, but also their professionalism and pedagogical skills – e.g. writing understandable reports.

In order not to compromise the quality of our selection process, we unfortunately cannot tell you more about the exact content of the tests.

Nevertheless, you should know that they are difficult and not recommended for beginner hunters, as shown by the admission rate of 20% per session.

How to join the Yogosha Strike Force?

You're confident in your skills? Here's how to join our community of hunters:

1 - Register on Yogosha platform

2 - Complete your profile

so that we can get to know you better.

3 - Ask to take the entrance tests

by clicking on the button “Join Yogosha Community”

4 - You are then put on the waiting list.

Our team verifies the legitimacy of your application. This step can take up to several weeks depending on the number of applications and our current need for new hunters.

5 - If your application is accepted, you enter the selection process

A new section appears in your profile: KYC and Payment.

Those fields allow us to validate your identity – all nationalities are accepted, but a passport is required – and your tax information so that you can be paid via our platform.

6 - A member of our team will invite you to take the tests

We usually hold one session per week.

After accepting the invitation, you will have 5 days to complete the technical and pedagogical tests.

7 - If you are not selected

you may request to retake the test after a minimum of one month.

The tests are different for each session to avoid cheating.

8 - If you pass the tests

Congratulations, you are now a valued member of the Yogosha Strike Force!

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