Our Story

Yogosha is a collaborative software for security leaders to connect with hackers, manage vulnerabilities, and empower teams to deliver the best Bug Bounty experience. Yogosha was born out of a fundamental belief that our approach and understanding of cybersecurity was in need of a big shift. Pushing back against the stereotype of shady, dangerous hackers, we've built a collaborative community of highly trained ethical hunters, passionate about helping companies minimize risk and ensure consumer safety. Through well-written, actionable reports and resources, we're helping teams understand the real impacts of their cybersecurity strategy, while fairly paying talented hackers for their crucial work. And to further support their work, empower our clients and foster transparency, we've also created a sophisticated SaaS Bug Bounty platform offering them unparalleled control and visibility over every aspect of their cybersecurity strategy.


Management team

Yassir Kazar
Yassir Kazar - President

Longtime infosec enthusiast, Yassir Kazar is a serial entrepreneur who founded his first startup while finishing his studies. Afterward, he pursued a career in IT services and became staff manager in Business Intelligence at CGI, while teaching at Paris Descartes University. In 2015, Yassir meets Kévin Liagre and founds Yogosha, the first french private bug bounty platform.

Fanny Forgeau
Fanny Forgeau - General Manager

As Managing Director, Fanny Forgeau coordinates all the teams, identifies new market opportunities and defines development strategies in France and internationally. Before joining Yogosha, she held the positions of Research Director and COO for Linkfluence, the first research institute 100% dedicated to the social web. For 6 years, she led a team of 80 analysts, research director and CSM in 5 countries, and opened several subsidiaries, including two in Asia. She then joined Allure Systems, a company based in China, with the mission of managing its development in Europe and the United States. Fanny has a PhD in sociology.

The Team

Fanny Forgeau

General Manager

Valentin Quefelec

Lead developer

Elodie Angiolini

Marketing Director

Jean-Eudes Demoures

Account manager

Johan Singainy

Back end developer

Chaïmaa Kazar

Head of operations

Foudhaili Mouhamed

Hacker ambassador

Véronique Loquet

PR advisor

Mathieu Bouvet

Customer success manager

Meriem Hamada

Inside Sales

Justine Leurent

Product Owner

Pierre Said

VP Marketing

Nicolas Perrodo

Chief Revenue Officer

Éric Dupré


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