Yogosha Strike Force

Gathering excellence

The emblem of the Yogosha Strike Force

Yogosha Strike Force in a nutshell


Some deal with all hackers, we only work with the best. Only 20% of applicants are accepted.

Skill coverage

The YSF hunters bring the diversity of skills needed to test all kinds of environments.


Working with everyone is working with anyone. Every member of the YSF is ID-verified.

A tale about platforms and hackers

There have always been white hats operating in the shadows, in teams or as lone wolves.
For the challenge, for fun, for the greater good. Then came the bug bounty, and with it a wonderful idea: reward ethical hackers for their knowledge.

Soon after, bug bounty platforms arrived, and with them another exciting battle.
To bring ethical hackers together, defend their image, work towards better legal protection and bridge the gap between them and organizations across the world.

This was the beginning of “crowds”.
Each platform has its own, always bigger than the one next door, always built on the same narrative. The one that there are thousands, if not millions, of skilled hackers out there willing to keep companies secure. Marketing departments do wonders, don’t they?

When you enlist everyone without any selection, how can you vouch for their expertise?
Each member of the Yogosha Strike Force has been carefully selected. Our screening process evaluates both technical and pedagogical skills, and only 20% of applicants are accepted. No script kiddies allowed.

We always hear about the scale of “crowds”, but have you ever heard about their activity rate?
Over the past year, more than 80% of Yogosha Strike Force members have engaged with us. No ghost accounts.

We keep our community small and efficient.
For hunters, that means less competition and a better distribution of programs and workload. For customers, it is the assurance that no program will be deserted after the first few weeks, and to work only with the best – for both bug bounty and pentest operations.

It’s all about quality over quantity.

You don’t need thousands of minds, only the sharpest.

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You're a hacker and you want to work with the top dogs? Here's how and why to join the Yogosha Strike Force.