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New logo. New website. New product. New Yogosha.

Yogosha is about to turn 6, and it has grown up a lot since its debut. This year, there will be more than just a birthday party. It’s time for a new identity, to better match this new era. 

You may have noticed some shenanigans around our branding over the past few weeks. Well, today we go public. We have a new logo. And a whole new website. But we don’t make things new just to make them look better – well, they do, but that’s not the end game here.

The whole Yogosha team has been working very hard over the past few months to build what we believe is the future of vulnerability management.

We are very proud to introduce our VOC, the Vulnerability Operations Center.

  • First, you choose your platform model. SaaS or Self-Hosted, the choice is yours.
  • Then, who you want to work with. CISOs, dev and sec teams, partners, us. They can all sync and work together within the VOC. Perhaps you even need reinforcements. Then you can call on the Yogosha Strike Force, our private community of ethical hackers.
  • Once you got the team, it’s time to plan your next security operation. A VDP, a pentest with real-time results, or even a bug bounty? Maybe all of those, to target different assets with different maturity and different objectives.

You want to supervise what’s happening over 50 subsidiaries? You can.

Wanna secure a release with a focused pentest in a matter of days? You can.

Looking for in-depth, high-risk vulnerabilities? Opt for a bug bounty.

Heck, you can even create your own bug bounty platform with your own communities!

That’s the beauty of the VOC, it’s all yours. And here’s a video to introduce it.