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It’s been a recurring demand from our hunters. You asked, our product team delivered. Hacker profiles can now be made public, with a few other additions as well.

Starting today, you will find new fields to complete in your hacker profile:

  • Current Job
  • Hobbies
  • Quote: If you want to enlighten the world with one that you really like. Also, do not hesitate to enrich the Description field, it can really make the difference with customers.
  • Languages: Languages in which you are comfortable enough to write reports and discuss with clients – this can happen for pentest operations, otherwise it’s mostly for written reports. English remains the standard language in most cases, but some customers sometimes have specific requests regarding the communication with their teams.
  • Website/Blog: It’s now possible to add a link to a blog to your profile, in addition to the usual LinkedIn, Twitter and GitHub.
  • Skills – Core Skills and Others

Revamp of the skills selection system

Previously, hackers could fill in the “Skills” field as they wished. This led to some issues, such as spelling errors and overfilled fields. So we opted for a new approach – without reinventing the wheel either.

There’s now two Skills fields to complete: 

  • Core Skills
  • Other Skills

Every hunter can choose up to 3 Core Skills, and as many other skills as they wish. Skills must be chosen among a comprehensive preset list. IoT – Bluetooth, IoT – WiFi, Reverse Engineering, Mobile Application, Assembly, PHP, Infrastructure, the list goes on.

IMPORTANT: All previously selected skills have been deleted. It is therefore mandatory to fill in these new fields if you wish to receive invitations to programs.

Don’t worry, you can still be invited to programs that require skills that you have not chosen as your core. This new system will allow us to improve the invitation algorithm we are working on, which will allow:

  • for customers, a better match of skills to their scopes ;
  • for hunters, a better distribution of available programs and workload.

We’ll talk more about that soon.

Hunters: how to make your profile public?

Well, it’s pretty easy. Go to Profile > Public Profile. There you’ll find a toggle button to make your profile public, and vice versa. Once the profile is public, you’ll be provided with a link to share – something like

Please note that all profiles are by default set to private.

What will be displayed on your public profile:

  • Avatar
  • Username
  • Nationality
  • Description
  • A quote (if you chose one)
  • Rank All-time
  • Rank in the last 30 days
  • Number of Kudos won (All-time)
  • Number of accepted reports
  • Date of last submitted report
  • Date of last accepted report
  • Report Acceptance Rate
  • Customer rating – an average of 0 to 5 stars
  • Skills (Core and Others)
  • Languages
  • Social Medias (Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, website/blog of your choice)

What will NEVER be displayed on your public profile:

  • Name and surname
  • Current Job
  • Hobbies
  • KYC Status
  • Availability status on the platform
  • The groups of researchers within the platform to which you belong

We’ll be adding new things to public profiles in the coming months, as this is the first step in much bigger plans. We’ve got big things coming, and there will be more updates soon.

Stay safe, stay awesome.

With love, The Yogosha Team.