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Launching a pentest with Yogosha is intended to be seamless, allowing for end-to-end, agile security testing. With Security Checklist, this is now truer than ever.

Now, for every pentest you run, Yogosha offers the option to add a Security Checklist, enabling you and third parties to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Ensure that essential security checks are made

A Security Checklist is a list of checks that security researchers follow and complete when conducting a pentest. 

This provides greater transparency and guarantees that essential security checks have been addressed. Completed checks are marked as passed or failed, and may come with attachments including Proof of Concept (POC) and comprehensive vulnerability reports. 

Security Checklists: inspired by standard cybersecurity frameworks

Our Security Checklists are developed based on industry standards, such as OWASP, and in close collaboration with our experts in cyber security.

Our current catalog includes: 

  • OWASP Web Security Checklist
  • IoT Windows OS Security Checklist

Additional checklist templates will be available very soon — OWASP API, OWASP Mobile, Infra, Active Directory and Wifi. Finally, custom-made Security Checklists, specific to your assets and organization needs, can also be created upon request. 

Demonstrate adherence to regulatory standards

Compliance is a key issue for today’s organizations, and comes with its share of bureaucracy and paperwork — essential, but time-consuming. Yogosha’s Security Checklist not only saves CISOs’ and GRC teams’ time, but also makes it easier to prove compliance.

After completion of a pentest with Security Checklist, share results to your team, C-level, and to the world to demonstrate your security proficiency and adherence to regulatory standards. For this, simply extract the pentest results directly from the platform, leverage the managerial report or request a pentest certificate.

More than compliance

Besides compliance, Yogosha’s Security Checklist also allows you to:

  • Follow progress of a pentest.
  • Ensure that essential security controls are made.
  • Scale security tests for additional agility.

Follow pentest progress in real-time

With Yogosha’s Security Checklist, you can now track the progress of your pentests in real-time with the progress bar. For more granularity, get visibility on what has been done, what is in progress, and what hasn’t started just yet.

Oversight of your pentests’ progress ensures that checks most important to you are indeed all carried out, and best meet your goals — whether it is securing your information system, upcoming software releases, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Scale and industrialize your pentests

We understand that implementing and scaling security tests in the development process of products, systems, and softwares slows down lead time and teams’ agility. With Security Checklist, instantly create a standardized set of checks that you can easily replicate in your DevSecOps pipeline and within your organization at scale.

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