Platform Overview

On-demand Security Testing Platform. Find, remediate, monitor, repeat.

SaaS or Self-Hosted platform

Leverage the Yogosha platform SaaS or Self-Hosted according to your needs and requirements.


Digitalize & simplify vulnerability management

Create and launch operations directly from the platform.

Pause programs with a single click and keep control of your wallet and vulnerability flow.

Be alerted of new vulnerabilities in real time.

No longer wait for the end of an audit to know about your weaknesses. Identify, remediate and verify as soon as possible.

Receive and process vulnerability reports directly from the platform

Qualify, pay, verify and close

Use our API and integrations to connect to your tools

Export reports in one click, assign tasks in-house…

Manage your assets’ security up close

Centralize all your assets in a single tool

Organize your assets into different workspaces. Benefit from advanced user and rights management, retrieve audit logs, enable SSO and more.

Fine-tune your security tests

Target specific scopes within an asset, search for a particular type of vulnerability, choose between black box and grey box…

Optimize your workflows with monitoring and analytics dashboards

Make the right calls, work with data.

Stay on top of your budget

Create different wallets with multiple currencies supported. We take care of billing and paying hunters so you can focus on what really matters.

Meet our Red team, lead yours

Our machine learning technology automatically matches you with the most qualified hunters for your assets and needs.

This matching process, combined with the rigorous selection of our hunters, is the guarantee of our efficiency.

Invite your own security experts onto the platform

Set up groups of internal researchers, manage their visibility into your programs, and leverage the platform to digitalize your security processes.

Monitor ongoing hacktivities on your systems with the built-in VPN

regardless of the team at work.

Platform Security

We secure things, starting with ours.

  • Database Encryption
  • Restrictions of “root logins”
  • At least TLS 1.2 Security web servers
  • Automatic CVE check
  • 99.80% availability
  • Hybrid deployment 
  • Bastion host
  • Daily snapshots of the data
  • CICD
  • Infrastruct. deployment in IAC mode
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Our SaaS platform is hosted on the SecNumCloud certified Outscale cloud, a certification issued by the French ANSSI to testify the highest level of security for sensitive and critical data.