Suitable for sensitive and critical systems

Sensitive industries and critical infrastructures have the highest security requirements. We have the highest standards.

Some organizations have uncompromising security requirements, such as sensitive industries and critical infrastructure sectors – energy, defense, water, healthcare… This means they need an extra layer of precaution when it comes to offensive security, especially with outside assistance.

We built Yogosha with these concerns in mind.


Activate cleared hunters through bug bounty and penetration testing.


Self-host our technology and get full control over your data and execution context.


Lead your internal red teams and create your own communities of trusted experts.

Do what others can’t.

Enlist cleared security researchers

The emblem of the Yogosha Strike Force

The Yogosha Strike Force is a private community that gathers only the best ethical hackers, selected after particularly challenging tests. And among them, there is a fringe of cleared hunters who can engage in the most sensitive operations.

Our most eminent hunters have been cleared by the French Ministry of the Interior. For more information about clearances, we can only advise you to contact us.

Self-Host Yogosha’s platform

We believe that security solutions should always be about choice and flexibility. That’s why our platform can be SaaS, but also Self-Hosted – which is especially suitable for environments with the most stringent requirements:

  • Get full control over your data
  • Own your execution context – public, private or hybrid cloud or even on prem, the choice is yours
  • Centralize and manage all your vulnerabilities in a controlled environment
  • Run and coordinate your internal red teams and build your own communities of experts