Offensive Security Testing Platform

Uncover and manage critical vulnerabilities within days, not weeks

Agilely launch and manage your security tests from end to end with our vulnerability management platform and our Strike Force of 800+ cybersecurity experts.

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Offensive Security Operations

Tailored to your needs

Whether on-demand or continuous, Yogosha offers multiple security testing methods to match your security objectives and the maturity of your company’s assets.

Pentest as a Service (Ptaas)

Deploy a small team of skilled security researchers to audit and test your assets point in time and periodically. Your testing coverage is guaranteed and at a fixed cost.

  • Access a vetted, skilled and international community of 800+ security researchers, specialized in different asset types
  • Get critical vulnerability reports with proof of concepts, remediation guidance and direct communication with security experts
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Bug Bounty

Deploy a large team of security researchers to test your assets continuously. You pay only when a valid vulnerability is submitted.

  • Access a vetted, skilled and private community of 800+ security researchers, specialized in different asset types
  • Pay only for valid vulnerabilities found
  • Ensure continuous discovery of critical vulnerabilities with proof of concepts, remediation guidance and direct communication with security experts

Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP)

Ensure that anyone can securely submit a potential vulnerability to your organization following your instructions in a Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP).

Special Operations

Based on your needs, we offer ad hoc operations including Red Teaming, Threat Intelligence (TI), Hardware Pentesting, Social Engineering, Digital Forensics, and CTFs. Feel free to contact us if you have any special security testing needs.

The Yogosha Strike Force

800+ security researchers

Vetted and highly skilled

Only 10% of applicants are accepted into the Yogosha Strike Force (YSF). Our security researchers passed a technical and redactional test — which makes for clear and fully documented vulnerability reports. They’re also ID checked, and signed T&Cs with an NDA.

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Seamless end-to-end vulnerability management

Uncover critical vulnerabilities you haven’t detected yet

Now your assets are safer

Made possible with our expert security researchers who are skilled in multiple asset types and hold certifications such as OSCP, OSEP and eWPTXv2.

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Get real-time overview of your risk profile

Now you can keep control of your exposure

Made possible with our dashboard, featuring new reports sorted by criticality, triaged and rewarded reports, as well as retests.

Accelerate remediation

Now your developers can patch with confidence

Made possible with our fully documented vulnerability reports including CVSS score, proof of concept, remediation guidance and direct communication with security researchers.

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Explore all of our platform features and benefits.

300+ Clients

12 Countries

6 Industries

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