A Collaborative Platform To Team Up With The Best Hackers

Yogosha is a secure platform allowing CISOs and their teams to collaborate with the most talented hackers to secure any system or application. The platform easily allows you to define your Bug Bounty programs, your crowdsourced Pentests, or to benefit from CVD feedback. Interact with hackers about vulnerabilities found and monitor your programs efficiency through interactive dashboards.

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Find And Manage Vulnerabilities

Yogosha’s SaaS platform is simple to use and allows you to quickly define your security challenges, analyze vulnerability reports, campaign performance, and facilitate remediation.

Start your security program within one hour with our intuitive interface, predefined templates and intelligent reward recommendations. Access hackers profiles and choose the most suitable ones for each Bug Bounty program or crowdsourced Pentest.


Take advantage of collaborative capabilities to interact with hackers about their submitted reports and speed up triage. Use the dashboards to monitor all your programs, vulnerabilities and budgets.


Increase your productivity by receiving less vulnerabilities reports ; with a higher acceptance rate and better accuracy. Seamlessly integrate vulnerabilities information into your development tools like Gitlab, Jira or by using our API.


Secure Your Systems Continuously

Due to the highly diverse skills within our hackers community, you will always have access to the one with best expertise on the system or application you want to secure. You’ll be able to build the right team for your situation.

SaaS Platform

Your customers need your software solution to be reliable and protect their private data. Minimize the risk of breach with your own cybersecurity team.


Your lines of communication need to ensure secure data transmission in order to stay up and running. Proactively identify weaknesses in your API and strategically prioritize your cybersecurity investments.


Your clients expect a stable and secure online shopping experience - especially when they're sharing payment information. We'll help you identify areas of exposure before anyone else does.

Mobile App

Your community is trusting you with a lot of private usage data and valuable information, it's your job to keep it safe. Fix any gaps or back doors before anyone has a chance to find and exploit them.

User area

In the wrong hands, a person's username and password can go a long way. Minimize the risks of leaks and exposure by catching them early and efficiently.


Provide end-to-end security by keeping data safe as it transits throughout your digital infrastructure. Identify and rectify poorly patched or forgotten structures before they become problematic.

Launching a Bug Bounty campaign


Define the target, scope, budget and timeline of your security mission.


Evaluate the cost of every uncovered weaknesses based on our recommendation & risk level.


Build and define a custom pool of researchers with the skills you need.


Validate and pay for our clear and actionable security reports.

Innovative Ideas To Enhance Your Security

CVD : hackers will be able to proactively contact you about any vulnerability they found via the platform.

Double Check : ask hackers to perform a double check – without any cost.

Customized T&Cs : add into the platform your own conditions and NDA; hackers will have to sign them before being able to access your programs.

Yogoschool : learn from the best ; we can organize interactive hacking sessions with your security teams and our hackers.

VPN : clearly identify the connections generated by the hackers in your systems.

Workspace : easily manage multiple security programs and budgets across your business units and subsidiaries.

Audit Trail : identify and store all the platform users’ activities: clicks, reports and programs used, etc.

DevSecOps integration : simplify and accelerate remediation as the platform is natively integrated with your development tools like Gitlab or Jira. Or leverage our API to connect any other solution.

Expert Support & Services

Yogosha’s mission is to help you successfully manage all your crowdsourced security projects.

Our customer success managers are highly taught security experts. They provide support by training users on the
platform, helping to calibrate the rewards and suggesting the best pool of hackers for each program.

They are available to answer any questions throughout your programs and manage regular reviews to assess and adjust your strategies.

Yogosha has developed partnerships with trained and certified consulting companies. Our partners can guarantee the perfect completion of vulnerability discovery and management projects.

The collaboration with our partners an either take place to simplify management of triage, remediation plans, and remediation. Or manage the entire process, from using Yogosha to define and manage your programs to remediation stages.

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