The best defence? Attack yourself.

Hire a vetted pool of talented and creative ethical hackers to securely discover any vulnerabilities you may have missed - then oversee and optimize your whole ecosystem on our French Bug Bounty platform. With affordable memberships and performance-based payments, you're making the smartest possible investment in your company's cybersecurity.

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Our Bug Bounty Platform

We provide end-to-end security with unprecedented clarity and visibility by combining our powerful SaaS solution and industry-leading in-house expertise.

Match & learn from the best hackers on the bug bounty market, and inject bug bounty's knowledge base to your vulnerability policies & internal processes.


Go one-step ahead in security and manage your vulnerabilities on our user-friendly platform.


We provide a custom-tailored software to encourage you to become fully autonomous, promote cybersecurity internally, and empower your teams.


Exposed scopes we can secure

Our global team of reliable security researchers works in tandem with our powerful SaaS solution to test for potential exposure across these key platforms.


SaaS Platform

Your customers need your software solution to be reliable and protect their private data. Minimize the risk of breach with your own cybersecurity team.



Your lines of communication need to ensure secure data transmission in order to stay up and running. Proactively identify weaknesses in your API and strategically prioritize your cybersecurity investments.



Your clients expect a stable and secure online shopping experience - especially when they're sharing payment information. We'll help you identify areas of exposure before anyone else does.


Mobile App

Your community is trusting you with a lot of private usage data and valuable information, it's your job to keep it safe. Fix any gaps or back doors before anyone has a chance to find and exploit them.


User area

In the wrong hands, a person's username and password can go a long way. Minimize the risks of leaks and exposure by catching them early and efficiently.



Provide end-to-end security by keeping data safe as it transits throughout your digital infrastructure. Identify and rectify poorly patched or forgotten structures before they become problematic.

Launching a Bug Bounty campaign

We've created a simple and efficient campaign management process that incentivizes quick results, clear communication, and essential visibility.


Define the target, scope, budget and timeline of your security mission.


Evaluate the cost of every uncovered weaknesses based on our recommendation & risk level.


Build and define a custom pool of researchers with the skills you need.


Validate and pay for our clear and actionable security reports.

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